A new project

A modest new P2P project, Resources for the Home (RfH) – a post-custodial release supply channel, designed to add to feelings of well-being and comfort.

Our first project, and grant in aid strategy, P2P is accepting referrals for the supply of small items that can make all the difference.

For example, we gift that microwave, toaster, plates and cutlery, or even new bedding – which so often, is not a mandatory supply when you move into your new accommodation, post release.

All equipment and supplies are with full manufacturers warranty, or Pat tested, if refurbished.

Please note, our rate and flow of supplies is dependent on our funds available at the time of request.

To explore this modest support idea further, refer an individual matching our support criteria or to donate: do please email Gemma at platform2platformhousing@gmail.com

What our current project beneficiaries are saying…

“I would just like to thank Gemma and the trust for helping me move into my new place as when I moved in I had nothing but with the microwave I can now have a warm meal and with the hoover I can keep a cleaner place, without Gemma I was struggling to help myself I would just like to say a massive thank you. You have been a great help”

“Hi Gemma,
Thank you for supplying my patient with a hoover. He has been grateful that your Social Enterprise has sorted this for him, this means that he can now maintain his property to a reasonable standard and his mental health will benefit from this also. It’s amazing how something so little can make such a difference.”

“Thank you so much for helping my son with the freezer he is so happy with it and now he can get himself some food in it’s a big help thanks for the help my son really appreciate it one more time thank you so much”

“I would like to say thank you to platform2platform housing for supplying me with a cooker. I am so grateful as I have only been released from prison recently. I did not have any money to fund this for myself. Having a cooker now means I can now cook for myself which will help me keep up my nutrition intake but this will also help me with my mental well-being, enabling me to get back to some sort of independence in my own home”

Every penny we raise for our post custodial community is dedicated to the supply of home resources – the whole supporting transaction designed to add to the community members mental health, community well-being and secure sense of place.

p2p domestic icons Sept 2022

knife&fork by Gregor Cresnar, refridgerator by iconfield, toaster by Design Circle, bedding by Olena Panasovska and radio St Musdalifah – all courtesy of The Noun Project.

Helping those released from custody